The Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) has been stepped up to Orange.  The health and well-being of our residents is of utmost importance to the People’s Association (PA). As such all Chingay 2020@Heartlands will be cancelled.

Chingay Highlights

Chingay 2020 brings to you “Colours in Harmony”, a dynamic showcase of our multiculturalism and diversity. About 6,000 volunteer performers will be involved in co-presenting this People’s Parade that also marks PA’s 60 years of community building with our people.

Look out for these exciting highlights!

  • Electrifying Opening with release of 200-m long firecrackers
  • The World’s Biggest and Longest Flying Dragon
  • Highly skilled Stilt walkers vs Sky Runners - Traditional Art vs Contemporary Displays
  • Multi-ethnic cultural performances by local talents and international acts
  • Stunning display of lights, lasers, pyrotechnic and fireworks!
Chingay 2020 Key Visual

10 Things To Do

  • To do #1
    1 / 10

    Be mesmerized by the stunning fireworks display to round of the night during the Finale.

  • To do #1
    2 / 10

    Satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst while enjoying spectacular performances by local artistes at Chingay Carnival.

  • To do #1
    3 / 10

    Play a part to save the environment by bringing your own water (No Bottled Water will be given)

  • To do #1
    4 / 10

    Catch exhilarating and exciting performances by cheerleaders, skyrunners, stilt walkers, pole dancers and more!

  • To do #1
    5 / 10

    DIY Your Own Totebag with Silkscreen Printing

  • To do #1
    6 / 10

    Join hundreds and thousands of people to light up the tower for Chingay Parade 2020

  • To do #1
    7 / 10

    Look out for your own tile on the PA60 float and the 2 Harmony Towers!

  • To do #1
    8 / 10

    Join us walking down a 1.3km parade from F1 Pit Building to The Float!

  • To do #1
    9 / 10

    700 performers and drummers march in synchronisation with colourful bamboos for Finale

  • To do #1
    10 / 10

    Complete your instagram page with endless amount of photo opportunities for you and your loved ones at Chingay 2020.


Bridge of Harmony

To provide a platform for more people to be involved in Chingay Parade, Chingay 2020 Community Engagement Programme (CEP) named ‘Bridge of Harmony’ has rolled out from late August to November 2019. This CEP is a fun and simple activity that encourages all Singaporeans and residents from all walks of life to contribute towards co-creating the PA60 Bridge of Harmony Float which will be featured at Chingay Parade as well as the various Chingay 2020 @ Heartlands.


Chingay 2020
Programme Booket

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