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Share your aspirations for Singapore today and be part of Chingay Parade 2019!


Singapore will be commemorating the Bicentennial in 2019 - a series of activities which will expand the understanding of our history beyond 1819, beginning even earlier at 1299.  As part of the year-long commemoration efforts, Chingay Parade 2019 will open with a 270-m long painting tracing the "Past, Present and Future of Singapore". 

For the first time, a moving tableau of paintings by a group of multi-ethnic artists will flow through the entire parade route, inviting reflection from all on Singapore's storied journey through time, charting its transformation from place to nation. 

The Chingay 2019 Community Engagement Programme (CEP) invites all Singaporeans and residents of Singapore to contribute to the painting through a generous sharing of your aspirations and vision for the future Singapore.  The artists will draw inspiration from your submissions to create the painting on "Future Singapore". 

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Our Aspirations For Future Singapore...

“ Build a stronger future together despite different race and religions to embrace Singapore Spirit & also maintain to be the safest country! ”
Fikriyah Binte Mohamad Nor 23
“ I wish that everybody will stick up for themselves and fulfil their dreams ”
Saffi Ler 13
“ Singapore maintains it's no 1 position to be the best and safest place in the world to live for zillions of yrs... ”
Mona Khanna 41
“ Wishing evereyone health, happiness and prosperity. May this year have no more kidnappings or hostage taking. ”
Sylvester Tan 40
“ Remember our forefathers effort in building our fortune today and we continue to built upon the fortune for many more generations to come. ”
Adam Yeo 48
“ Stay wealthy and prosperous :) ”
Lim NA 21
“ Singapore the best ”
janica chang 48
“ My wish is that Singapore & Singaporeans continue to prosper in the land while remaining morally righteous & staying genuinely humble. ”
Sonya Wong 22