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Event Segments

  • Community Arts & Culture Division (CACD)
Singapore Bicentennial

Singapore Bicentennial – “Our Past, Present and Future”

  • An artwork that depicts the “Past, Present and Future” of Singapore that weaves in the shared values of “Openness”, “Multiculturalism” and “Self determination” presented by 270 performers
Malay Cultural Contingent-min (1)

Dreams in Harmony – Celebrating Multiculturalism

  • The Bicentennial LED Dragons
  • The Auspicious Dragon and Carp Dance
  • Prancing Stilt Walkers
  • Giant Flying Balloon Dragon Dance
  • Rhapsody in Rhythm
  • Thirumana Thiruvizha - Royal Wedding Procession
  • Pacu Gemilang - Glorious Boat Race
The Spirit and Vitality of Edo Spring

Dreams of Hue - Embracing Openness

  • South Korea - Dokkaebi
  • Indonesia - Balinese Mapeed Parade
  • Vietnam - Beautiful Vietnam
  • International Medley
  • Philippines - Leyte Kasadyaan Festival
  • The Japanese Association, Singapore & Kaga City - The Spirit and Vitality of Edo Spring
Waves of Colours

City of Dreams– Building a Vibrant Community

  • Giraffe on the Move - Martial House
  • Youthphoria, City of Dreams - People's Association Youth Movement (PAYM)
  • Dream of the Future - Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
  • Dreams Ablaze - Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • Let's Get Funky! - Diamond Drip Team
  • Dance to "WIN" - Women's Integration Network (WIN) Council
  • CDCs Commemorate Singapore Bicentennial - Community Development Councils (CDCs)
  • Double Happiness - Celebrating 100th Anniversary - The Eurasian Association
  • Commemorating Singapore Bicentennial - Swan & Maclaren, Darma Muneeswaran Temple, Singapore Recreation Club, Dentons Rodyk & Davidson, St Margaret’s Primary & Secondary School, German's Association, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Celebrating Unity in Diversity - WANNA Studio, Membership & Partnership Division (M&P), The Shichida Method
  • Yesterday Once More - Merdeka Generation
  • Waves of Colours - North West Community Development Council (North West Dance-Fit Club)

Dream Catchers – Following your PAssion

  • Community Travelling Dance Contingent 2019 - Power of Dreams
    Lifeskills & Lifestyle (2LD) Interest Groups - Push Pull Give Pte Ltd, Star Soccer Network, Singapore Silat Federation / Wushu, Fight Do, etc.
  • Fun in Sports - Singapore Cricket Club
  • Budaya Warisan Melayu Singapura (Singapore Malay Cultural Heritage) and Horse Warrior Dance - Ajian Seni Budaya and Budaya Warisan Nusantara (BUWANA), Bugis Malay Society of Singapore, Baweanese Association of Singapore, Singapore Minangkabau Association
  • The CheerForce of Dreams - CheerForce SG
  • Wings of Fantasia - Path Productions
  • Amazing Bike Stunts - SG Flatland Freestylers
  • Classic Vespa Sidecars - Singapore Sidecars
  • Safari Fantasy on Electric Unicycles - Wheelies Singapore
Harley Davidson

Dreams in Motion – Riding the Wave as One

  • Harley Davidson – CrissCross and Hunt - Harley-Davison Brothers
  • Vintage Cars on Parade - Malaysia and Singapore Vintage Car Register
  • Feel the Rush - KF1 Karting Circuit
Finale Part 1
  • Part 1 – Voyage of Dreams – From Singapore to Singaporean
  • Part 2 – Future Dreams