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Event Segments

Chingay 2016 Overture, GOH on float in the rain


  • 600 performers from all races, ages and background
  • Exemplifies and uplifts the five core values enshrined in our national flag (Democracy, Justice, Peace, Prosperity and Equality)
  • Beautiful and artistic expression of our love for the nation
  • Showcase of 1,500 organisations of different backgrounds using specially designed "WeCare Singapore" banners
Chingay 2016 - Dragon Dance

Yesteryears' Chingay & Our Ethnic Cultures

  • Act 1: Yesteryears' Chingay Part 1
  • Act 2: Yesteryears' Chingay Part 2
  • Act 3: Gagasan Emas - Gold Vision
  • Act 4: Isaiyodu Kondaduvom - "Joy of Rhythms"
  • Act 5: Paint with ONE Heart - A Re-interpretation (花同心)
Chingay 2016 - South Korea Fan Dance performance

Friends From All Over the World

  • Exciting performances from Yakutia, Cambodia, Indonesia, South Korea, The Japanese Association, Singapore and other countries
Chingay 2015 - Flow of Memories performance

Resilience & Dreams SG

  • 350 lively and high energy youth performers
  • Showcasing the future of Singapore through elaborate props and costumes
  • 250 high spirited performers showcasing the marshal spirit and discipline of National Service through creative choreography
  • Using NS-related icons and images to strike a chord with Singaporeans
2nd Media Conference 2017

Our Mission, Our Cause & Xinyao

  • About 30 groups to present their mission and cause that will contribute to Singapore as a strong and better nation performing to Singapore music (XinYao or 新谣) with part of the song in English
Chingay 2016 - Tambourine Contingent

Arts for Everyone

  • Presenting 1,000 dancers and musicians including Cajon players, saxophonists and pianists
  • Showcasing vibrancy of our communities through music and dance
Chingay 2016 Finale

Chingay 2017 Finale

  • Act 1: YOUth Care, Resilient Singapore
  • Act 2: WeCare Singapore

Chingay 2017 Finale Theme Song

See the theme song here