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Event Segments

Event Segments

Chingay 2016 1st Segment - Opening

Opening Segment - Voyage SG100

  • The parade opens with an energetic vibe that promises to wow the audiences as 800 youths dressed in lighted costumes illuminate the dimmed 360-metre parade route in an upbeat choreography. Today's youths, tomorrow's future, guided by the wisdom of our founding fathers, kick-starts the parade as we begin the votage towards SG100.
  • Spectacular aerial acts complement the ongoing joyful celebrations along the parade route, adding a new dimension to the multi-faceted and rich show. The sounds, sights and the sheer spirit of it all makes for a grand festivity every year.
  • A myriad of creative dragon dance displays that includes Firecrackers & Fire Dragons, LED-lit Dragons, Straw Fire Dragons and the electrifying Flying Dragon from China will impress audiences!
Chingay 2016 2nd Segment - Because We are Different, We are One

Because We are Different, We are One

  • The Chinese, Malay and Indian cultural performances draws audiences in appreciation of local cultural heritage and legacies through performing arts and music. 
Chingay 2016 3rd Segment - Friendship All Over The World

Friendship all over the World

  • The brightest talents from China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, USA, Taiwan and Thailand shares the stage alongside our local stars in a bust of exuberance with their performances.
Chingay 2016 4th Segment - A United and Vibrant Community

United and Vibrant Community

  • Stunning pole dancers, graceful ballerinas, cool hip hop dancers, boisterous Tambourine players, just to name a few, are definite hits with their vivacious dance moves and infectious beats with children as young as five and six groovingto the music. 
Chingay 2016 5th Segment - Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore

Grand Finale - Lights of Legacy

  • 3,000 performers will light-up Singapore's city skyline with bright bulb shaped Sky Lanterns that carries the commitment of our people, towards the values advocated by our founding fathers, towards a Brighter future Singapore!
  • Nothing short of a spectacular fireworks display to round up the night's festivities!