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Event Segments

Event Segments

Chingay 2015 1st Segment - Celebration SG

Celebrations SG (Love and best wishes for Singapore) 欢庆新加坡

  • Involve individual Singaporeans/households (preferably households) to make at least one million “We Love SG Flowers” using used plastic bags  
  • Each flower represents their Love and Good Wishes for Singapore as we celebrate Singapore 50 in 2015
Chingay 2015 2nd Segment - Memories SG

Memory SG 记忆新加坡

  • Presentation by a flow of parade contingents to evoke a sense of nation’s pride and fond memories among Singaporeans
Chingay 2015 3rd Segment - We Love SG

We Love SG, 我们爱新加坡

  • A parade of many glittering and electrical floats
  • Presentation of many performing contingents from different communities and foreign countries to express their love for Singapore
Chingay 2015 4th Segment - Dreams & Hopes SG

Hopes & Dreams SG 未来梦想新加坡

(Trees of Hope, Singapore Dreams!希望之树,新加坡梦)

  • Presenting 150 beautifully lighted trees and 3 giant tree floats blossomed with lighted We Love SG Flowers
  • Presented by 3,000 performers in lighted costumes
  • A lighted grand Finale to celebrate SG50!