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Event Segment

Event Segments

Event Segments

Chingay 2014 1st Segment - Opening

Paint with One Heart

  • Showcase of a 360 meter Batik Fabric that will flow through the entire Parade route accompanied by colourful multi-cultural performers.
Chingay 2014 2nd Segment

Largest Chinese Dance Ever

  • Catch the graceful movements and expressions by the biggest dance group of 700 young ladies in the performance Qiao Hua Dan where modern meets tradition.
Chingay 2014 3rd Segment

International Performances

  • Community Puppetry Art with Huge Mobile Structures and Puppets
  • Playful String Lions from Fujian, China
  • Maesta della Battaglia - Italy
  • Sunhwa Dance Troupe - Korea
Chingay 2014 4th Segment

Ge Tai Taking The Parade by Storm

  • Enjoy rich and beautiful cultural performance by 900 performers from
    the various performing contingents! Including first-ever Ge Tai performance
    by your favourite artists Liu Ling Ling, Wang Lei, Lee Pei Fen and Rawi Hamim.
Chingay 2014 5th Segment

Finale Highlights

  • First-of-its-kind outdoor community drama
  • Grand Finale by 3000 performances showcasing two 360 meter-long knitted art pieces that exemplify a closely-knit Singapore