Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub Conveniences Beauty World Residents

Beauty World Conveniences

Listed below are the conveniences Beauty World residents can look forward to. These include the bus interchange, MRT station, and community building. The LINQ is also located in Beauty World. This is convenient for residents from all demographics. In addition to its accessibility, The LINQ is also located near the Integrated Transport Hub and adjacent commercial developments. Residents will never want to leave. This is the ultimate location for an active and convenient lifestyle!

Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub

The Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) at Beauty World is set to provide residents of the mixed-use development with an integrated, air-conditioned bus interchange. Moreover, this new interchange will be connected to the adjacent MRT stations to provide seamless connections for public transport commuters. The ITH will also help residents to access nearby recreational facilities, such as a pool and gym, while staying in one place for work, shopping, or eating.

The Integrated Transport Hub at Beauty World will include a fully air-conditioned bus interchange, which will be a hub for connecting the area to the rest of Singapore. It will be like the Ang Mo Kio interchange in Singapore, which will be a great connection point for residents of Beauty World. It will also be close to the Mayfair Collection, which is comprised of two iconic buildings – the Mayfair Modern and the Mayfair Gardens.

The precinct is situated within one of Singapore’s endearing identity nodes, and will become a bustling green urban village. It will be a vibrant community hub, serving as the southern entrance to Bukit Timah’s nature attractions. Its location also allows it to serve as a nexus for future development and a commuting hub.

In addition to the Integrated Transport Hub, the development will also include a community building and hawker centre. The Community Building will feature a community centre, an indoor sports hall, a library, and a hawker centre. In addition to these amenities, the community will also be home to a redeveloped Bukit Timah hawker centre. The community building will also feature a library, a hawker centre, and a market. The community building will also have a community club.

Beauty World MRT station

Located on the Downtown MRT line, BeautyWorld MRT station is a great choice for those who live or work in the neighbourhood. The station features automatic fare collection, bidirectional wide-swinging gates, and Top-up Machines and contactless card transactions. There is a Passenger Service Centre at the station, which is staffed during operating hours. It is also close to the commercial area of Beauty World.

One of the closest MRT stations is the BeautyWorld MRT station. This station is located at Bukit Timah, Singapore, and is approximately a one-kilometer walk from Beauty World. Another nearby station is Bukit Batok, commonly abbreviated Bt Batok. This mature residential area is situated three kilometers west of Beauty World. Residents of Beauty World can walk to either station to get to work or school.

The Linq @ BeautyWorld is a freehold development with integrated luxury. This development is adjacent to the MRT station, and it offers direct access to several major roads. Its convenient location makes it an ideal place for those who love convenience. The Linq @ BeautyWorld also features a car park on the third and fourth floors, as well as an indoor sky terrace on the fifth floor. Residents also have easy access to the Downtown Line and the Pan Island Expressway.

The recently opened BeautyWorld MRT station is located next to the development. The station operates the MRT Downtown Line, and is just steps from the development. Residents of Beauty World are now within easy reach of the Downtown Line, which connects the Linq at Beauty World to the Marina Bay Financial Centre. A quick trip to the MRT station will allow residents to make the most of their lifestyle in Beauty World.

Beauty World Bus Interchange

Located at the junction of Jalan Jurong Kechil and Upper Bukit Timah Road, the future Beauty World Bus Interchange will provide heightened access across the island. Located next to the Beauty World MRT station on the Downtown Line, the new interchange is expected to provide heightened connectivity to the area once it is completed. The bus interchange is a key component of the Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub, which is expected to bring in 700 condo units, 150 serviced apartments, 20,000 sq ft of retail and office space, and a direct underground link to the station. The URA has also set aside more space for public parks and recreation facilities.

A fully air-conditioned bus interchange is in the works for the area. The interchange will provide a seamless connection between the existing MRT station and the Beauty World MRT station, enhancing the public transport commuters’ overall experience. Once completed, the interchange will also serve as a hub for commuters from other areas in the city. In addition to providing more convenient travel options, the new interchange will improve the connectivity for the entire Bukit Timah precinct.

Beauty World Bus Interchange is conveniently located near Bukit Timah, a popular shopping and dining area. It is also accessible by bus from the city’s major transit hub, the Central Business District, or even the Airport Express. You can find the nearest bus interchange by checking the map of Beauty World. Make your trip hassle-free by booking tickets online or with a travel agent. The convenience of using a public transport hub is a key part of the beauty world’s charm.

Beauty World Community Building

One of the many benefits of living in the Master Plan-approved Beauty City development is the Integrated Transport Hub. This fully air-conditioned bus interchange is set to link to the nearby MRT stations and adjoining commercial developments. The project aims to transform the area into a modern lifestyle hub, with many facilities for residents to take advantage of. Residents will also be able to use the bus interchange for shopping, dining, and other activities.

A pedestrian-friendly pedestrian network is planned for the site, and the MRT station will be situated just opposite the development. The pedestrian-friendly network will ensure a comfortable walking experience and seamless connectivity to the surrounding amenities. It will also ensure a more active lifestyle for residents. The Integrated Transport Hub is set to be a key part of the Master Plan. Beauty World residents can also expect a thriving business district that is complemented by a variety of retail outlets.

The future Integrated Transport Hub is being developed right next to the commercial district of the district, adjacent to the Beauty World MRT station. This will make it easier to transfer between the rail and bus networks. It will also be accessible from Jalan Jurong Kechil, Anak Bukit Flyover, and Upper Bukit Timah Road. This new development will have a wide range of retail and office spaces, as well as a park area.

The Linq @ Beauty City is a multi-disciplinary company that offers a wide variety of amenities to its residents. It is located on the threshold between the landed enclave and the Pan-Island Expressway, at the intersection of Upper Bukit Timah Road and Jalan Jurong Kechil. It was previously known as the Goh & Goh Building, and was purchased by BBR Holdings for $101.5 million in March 2017.

Jalan Anak Bukit Condominiums

Located just steps away from the upcoming MRT station, Jalan Anak Bukit Condominium at Beauty World is perfect for those who want convenience and ease of commute. Located along the historic Beauty World market and amusement park, the condominiums at this location offer many conveniences. The building is one of the few in Singapore to include a concierge desk.

This mixed-use development is expected to feature seven hundred residential units and 150 service apartments. Located at Jalan Anak Bukit, the development will have ample space for retail, food and beverage establishments, and public spaces. Once complete, the development will create an urban hub in the Beauty World estate. It will also have a dedicated bus interchange, making it the perfect place for commuters to catch a ride to work or play.

Located in District 21, the Jalan Anak Bukit condominiums are just a short walk away from the nearby Beauty World MRT station. Residents can easily commute to the CBD and Orchard Road via the MRT. Additionally, the upcoming Integrated Transport Hub will enhance the convenience of residents and will provide new bus interchanges. The future Beauty World MRT station will connect residents with a new bus interchange and the city’s major expressways.

The location of Jalan Anak Bukit is ideal for residents looking for convenience. Close to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Beauty World Center, and the MRT station, residents enjoy convenient access to many amenities. Aside from the convenient location, residents will also benefit from proximity to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Beauty World Plaza, and Bukit Timah Market.

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