Bridge of Harmony

To provide a platform for more people to be involved in Chingay, Chingay 2020 Community Engagement Programme (CEP) named 'Bridge of Harmony' will be rolled out from late August to October 2019. This CEP is a fun and simple activity that encourages all Singaporeans and residents from all walks of life to contribute towards co-creating the PA60 Bridge of Harmony Float which will be featured at Chingay Parade as well as the various Chingay 2020 @ Heartlands events.



Volunteers 2020

avatar for general hospitality volunteerEvery year, the Chingay Organizing Committee requires the support of over 2,000 volunteers from various educational institutions in various aspects of the parade as our hospitality ambassadors, production crew, motivators, crowd control, traffic management, F&B and logistics volunteers etc. volunteer support is crucial to the smooth operations of Chingay and the major rehearsals prior to the parade

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